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Players behaving badly

Since it has not been posted here on the Looza yet, the 2006 Texas PSP Open was not tournament paintball's finest hour. So much so, the league has handed out an unprecedented number of suspensions. Read the whole press release here

but here are some highlights,

Over the past 5 months, PSP had been engaged in ongoing talks with the Marriott Corporation about future involvement with tournament paintball....The day after our staff returned from the event, we were contacted by Marriott and advised that they were not only uninterested in any additional talks, but that they were also letting their hotels in the area of our future events know not to book rooms for paintball teams or players. Members of Team Demolition,, and Anarchy will be suspended for various lengths of time ranging from 1 tournament to a lifetime ban from PSP events.

Team Clutch won the Division 3 Xball tournament. They did so with an illegal roster. This was not simply an oversight, but was a deliberate act of manipulating the ID system, and submitting misleading information in order to have members of the teamís classification dropped. The team has been stripped of all points from the Texas event. Several members of the team will be suspended from PSP events for 3 events. Others will be suspended for 1 year. Two individuals will be suspended for life. At no point in the future will any playerís classification be changed regardless of circumstances.

On Sunday, Todd Martinez decided to take a PSP-rented golf cart for a joy ride through the awards ceremony. He crashed the golf cart into the guide wires anchoring one of the tripod poles. The tripod pole was bent and is no longer usable. The golf cart was damaged and PSP has been billed for the repairs. He will be suspended from play for 1 year. He must reimburse PSP for the damages to the golf cart before he will be allowed on the property of any future PSP event.

I'm strictly a scenario/woodsball player but this is not what paintball as a sport needs, particularly the Marriott situation, which could very well affect all paintball players from this point forward.

You Wont See Me

I read that at tippy, they need to just get a huge fine and use them as an example for anyone else that thinks about doing it.

does the marriot ban apply to just the area or is it everywhere... because im in deep waters if its everywhere. Confused

I think it's just that particular one and hotels around it that it pertains to right now. I also believe that a hefty fine put in play would set and example and prevent further misconduct.

phew thanks man. its a shame to such honorless people in these grand events. fines and beyond would be a good solution like you've said before.

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