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Pre2k RF Sniper II

Now that Sinister took his down I figured I put mine up on these boards. I need money pretty badly because I bought a CCM 45' Slim frame for my Urban Camo Freeflow Sniper II (pics will be up soon). But without further ado...

I just built this thing and it is dead sexy. It is sprung for low pressure and is super smooth. Unfortunately, I need money. Badly. So its up for sale. It needs some tuning.

WGP Pump Kit
Stock WGP Internals (newer style valve)
System X Bolt and Back Block
Prostock Reg (not shown, needs adjustment)
Shocktech Hinge frame (not too common)
Super rare GOLD!!!! Duckbill ASA
Old style pull pin (not shown)
No Barrel



Black .684 cocker threaded UL + lots of $$$
NXE Jrny (when they come out, must be brand new) + $$$
R8 Boring Heads w/ a few boring bars
Lots of Aluminum (I can pm you specs on what I need)

But don't offer...
Guns unless highly in my favor
Stupid Stuff

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