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preset hpa tanks

can you change the psi output on an hpa preset tank, and if so, how?

No, thats why they're called preset tanks.
You could change the regulator on the tank, but that has to be done by a professional.

Actually you can depending on the tank. Centerflag tanks just need a new spring. I know there are others that you can change to. but chances are, if you have to ask, you odn't know how.

PMI tanks can be adjusted from high to low pressure by just switching the springs. It is really easy to do.

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PMI tanks have bevilled washers, not springs.
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theres ways im sure with certain brands.

as people have already said.

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They call the washers, the spring stack, just to let you know.

Yeah, but you said spring. I've looked for different washers for PE tanks and have yet to find them.

Many pro-shops have the new stacks to lower the preesure to 450psi. You can sometimes order it straight through PMI by calling them. I have a catalog with them being advertised.

My guerrilla air tank you can just change the spring. I didn't know that other companies started doing that too. When I bought my tank, I thought it was a genius idea.
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