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Primus/Les Claypool

If you haven't heard of Primus, you should probably be shot.

They have a song in the original THPS, and they also did the theme song to South Park, if you didn't know.

Les Claypool is the bassist, and he is probably the most talented bass player alive right now. He has done many side projects besides Primus, including is own side project, Colonel Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, and another one he did with Trey Anastasio (ex-guitarist/lead singer of Phish) and John Scofield called Oysterhead.

Download some of their stuff.

Les Claypool is amazing. Enough said. I never really got into Primus though, but one of my better friends really likes them.

So where do I go for this shooting?

Speaking of bassists:

both bands and bassits = good stuff Thumbs up

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