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Project for Smitty...

Well since I never play anymore, I'm still selling some stuff, and I'm taking on a project.  I found a cheap 98c, and I just ordered a flatline, ar15 stock, and a bi-pod for a little mil-sim project I'm taking on (All of that was only $50 shipped).  The 98c's got a R/T, X-Chamber, and a 14" Teardrop barrel.  If that works out it'll only cost me $40 (I love people who think their old Tippys are crap).  I'll keep you guys updated with pics and comments.  If you guys have any advice for a cool look, functional upgrade, or (and I'm having some trouble with this) a way I can get balls to the chamber that'd be great.  I don't want to run a hopper.  It ruins the looks in my opinion.  The only way I'd run a hopper is if I got a cyclone, which I may do.  That way it would keep up with the R/T, and it would look pretty cool.

       Paintapalooza Forum Index -> Thoughts and Opinions
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