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Project Mil-Sim 98c

Well here she is:


I'll probably get pictures tomorrow of what I did today. This is how it came. I think I fixed the leak. The power tube was cracked so I glued it (strong glue) and then sanded it down to make it smooth. I also used threading sealer on the hose. Should work now. I'll get some pics up soon. Maybe I'll make a thread with all my guns. Or mabe I'll wait until this one is done. Idk.

Edit #1 (2/04/06):

There she is. Today I started on it, and I got the whole Tippmann 98 Custom off, and the lip on the velocity hole. I also started on the rear sight. Not too bad. I'm working on the rear sight and sanding the whole thing down.

2/05/06 - Today I didn't get much time to work on it. I had to go visit the Great G-Ma in the hospital. She was in for chest pain. I did get a "Dremel" today though. I picked up a cheap Airco Rotary tool. Works great. I paid half. The kit came with many accessories. 1 normal, and 1 small rotary tool, 214 or 241 attachments, a flex shaft, and many other things. Works great. Got most of the sight rail done.

2/06/06 - I got the sight rail "done". It's very rough yet, but I am working on sanding it down now. All of the grinding is going pretty quick. I'm just going to make sure I sand it all down nice and smooth. That will probably take the longest. That and making the ups (mag, stock, ect.). I did start on the front grip today. I'm going to smooth that out so I can easily mount a magazine to it. I thought about going with a working magazine going out of the side, but that would look weird, and it wouldn't function the way I'd want it to.

Way to fix her up. I cant wait to see what you do with it. What barrel is that?

sinisterNorth wrote:
Way to fix her up. I cant wait to see what you do with it. What barrel is that?
Stock Spyder barrel. Actually looks pretty cool on the gun. It's got a Lapco Spyder on 98c threads adapter. Also, guys any photoshopped or MS painted pics of this changed are good. It'll help me get a good idea of something to do to it.
g36 monkey

well yea....i tried to do it in paint....i just realized my paint skill ssuck so yea Laughing

Dont look bad, needs smoothness.

i think it needs alittle 250 grit sandpaper...but other than that...looks good..but remember it looks alot better when you finish milling and you paint it...and just take your time..and use your head.

looks pretty good
i could photoshop it if it was like green or something, but u can't change hte hue of black, or white

looking good smitty, keep up the good work!

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