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Anyone make their own fireworks like smoke bombs, artilleries, and firecrackers? I have started looking into doing my own stuff. Smoke bombs are really easy to make and they make a bunch of smoke. If I can ever get my hands on ingredients for flash powder I will make small batches of that because the under water dynamite you can buy at fireworks places are weak. With the artilleries, I will probably just make crackling ones for now because they are the easiest to make because all it is, is just crackling fuses inside the shell and they look good.

If anyone has any good plans for making these things or websites to buy chemicals and supplies, post them.

So far I see and as good places to buy things from. This is also a good forum.
g36 monkey

i know a way to make a smoke bomb that has toxic smoke with a ping pong ball and some aluminum foil haha

I already know about the ping pong balls. I'm going to get some potassium nitrate soon and mix it with sugar to get a much better smoke bomb.

Made some smoke bombs with stump killer and sugar. Worked well. Took me awhile to get it to start melting though.

"Its cool, when I was a kid, I was a total pyro."

I have not idea about smoke bombs, but I never past up a chance to used that quote.

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