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it's the Payne!!!

quick Lab metal question....

which one should i buy....regular Lab-metal or Hi-Temp Lab-metal..becaues later i do want my 98c to be powder coated black....but they both say:

Lab-metal and Hi-Temp are both one-part, ready-to-use repair and patching compounds. Lab-metal will withstand temperatures as high as 350F (or onetime exposures to 425F for no longer than 20 minutes).
Hi-Temp Lab-metal will withstand temperatures up to 1000F. Lab-metal will air dry in a few hours (depending upon thickness of application and air temperature).
Hi-Temp Lab-metal needs to air dry for a minimum 24 hours, and then needs to be heat cured (as instructed on the label and in the downloadable brochure).
Lab-metal and Hi-Temp Lab-metal must be fully hardened in order to prevent porosity or outgassing.

so if anyone could help..that would be great.

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