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R/T / E-Grip

The R/T and E-grip are different in many ways and I will explain a few of the differnces.

The R/T is not electronic and does not go full auto. It has an effect that seems somewhat like full auto. The R/T is powered by a little cylinder behind the trigger. This cylinder operates using excess gas after each time the gun is fired. When set correctly, a full auto effect takes place. This is called sweetspotting. Sweetspotting is when the R/T is tuned perfectly where the R/T pushes the trigger forward each time after you fire. When the R/T sets the R/T forward, the tension on your finger pulls the trigger again to fire the next shot. To sweetspot the R/T, you must turn the knurled adjuster on the right side of the gun outwards. The more you turn it outwards, the faster you can fire. If you feel like your R/T isn't working, turn the knurled adjuster inward as where the screw becomes flat with its surrounding part. Fire the marker a few times. If the trigger gets hard to pull, your R/T is working. You will just have to toggle with your r/t to find the perfect setting for you. To be able to sustain constant paintball feed, you will need an electric hopper. I use a Halo B because I have my R/T tuned to its max.

The e-grip is very different from the R/T. The E-Grip is an electronic sear tripper. A little button behind the trigger powers a solenoid that shoves a pin toward the sear to fire a shot. Because it is electric, it means that the trigger pull will be very light weight. The E-Grip has five firing modes Semi Auto(one shot per pull, Auto Response(one shot per pull and release), Full auto(hold the trigger down and the marker will fire constantly), 3 Shot(3 shots per pull), and Turbo(fires one shot for each pull of the trigger untill the time between the trigger pulls is below .25 seconds- it then goes to one shot for each pull and release of the trigger. The speed of the trigger is determined by how fast the rate of fire is set. You can turn the rate of fire and switch modes by using a flathead precision screwdriver to twist two parts in the e-grip.
I love my r/t because it rips and is very fast.
I also love my e-grip because it has a light trigger pull and is constant.
r/t= 8.5/10 because I discovered a few problems
e-grip= 9/10 because some parts are to easily broken(torn)
You Wont See Me

It should also be noted that R/T's on the 98 series are capable of over 20bps, and the E-Grip is capped at 15.

WAY over 20

Also that the A-5s can't have their R/T tuned over 18 balls per second because the cyclone won't feed any balls after that.

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