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g36 monkey

Red Eye

The movie was pretty good. It was really predictable. I went and saw it with my friend and a bunch of hot girls, we started out goin to see transporter 2 but the girls were seeing red eye so we switched. They were huddled over getting scared alot and me and my friend just laughed. I knew a part was comin up though where the whole theatre would scream (its funny in suspense films because everybody talks to the screen) so i was gettin ready to yell as loud as i could "holy crap, not behind the door Laughing "
But all in all it was a pretty good movie.

Looks like an ok movie. Doubt I'll go see it due the the price of gas and the fact that the theatre is about 15-20 minutes away.
g36 monkey

that stinks, if my parents would let me i could walk to my theatre, not even 2 miles i bet. But they insist on giving me a ride, though when im older ill be walking with a girl or somethin Laughing dont want my parents to embarass me on the car ride.

get one of those 2 person bikes, then u can give chicks rides
g36 monkey

If i wanted to spend about 2 grand on a bike just for that, i would. But i dont got that kind of money so, you know...

Movie looked like ass.

looks like a cheap horror movie...but i would like to rent it when it coes out.
g36 monkey

Like i said i would have gone to see transporter 2 with my friends, but why pass up a chance to sit with hot girls Cool

The best part is when she stabbs him in the neck with the pen. I found the whole movie more funny than "intense". I'd give it a 5.5/10 if I had to rate it, but I'd prefer to suggest not seeing it.

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