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Reg Question

I want to use c02 on a regulator and i was wondering which ones do real good on c02. I was looking at the evil detonator but does it run off c02?

I know that a Palmers Stabilizer will work great with CO2. Otherwise, I'm sure most regs will work just fine with CO2.

The palmer works best with co2, but other regs will do just fine.

Yeah the Palmers Male Stabalizer is the best thing out there for co2. Other regs will regulate the pressure just fine, but nothing prevents liquid co2 from getting through and causeing spikes. Any reg will altimatly work, but the Palmers will give you the best performance for co2.

Also, welcome to the forum! Stick around youll enjoy it here!

Thanks for the help and the warm welcome, looking forward to becoming a good part of this forum

everyone else pretty much covered it, palmers is the way to go. all regulators will regulate it but a palmers stabilizer regulates and blocks liquid from entering the gun. oh yeah some regs will freeze up with co2 so ALL regs won't work but the ones that will say so on the box.


i used an ergo with co2, and it worked ok, but not that great. i would def go with the palmers

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