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Repost/New Stuff: 2004 Featherlight Swirl Excal With Tadao!

Ok, i love this gun, but im looking for something new to shoot. Vikings and Egos are preferred but ill look at most offers.

Specs of the excal:
04 Featherlight Swirl Milled body (serial 1714).
1 of 50 Tadao Excal Board!!!
Stock Javelin barrel.
Stock Feedneck.
Wraparound Hybrid Lady Grips
Something that looks like a unimount but isnt checkit brand.
Nurvous roller bearing magnet trigger.
Blank warrantee card, manual on disk, AKA oil, AKA gunbag, Excalibur headband all included.
LNIB Gloss Black Ultralight Barrel (.688 back, 14" tip).
LNIB BP No Rider Clamping Feedneck.

Pics (Tadao not pictured):

Tank, reloader b and barrel condom not included.

For sale:
$1250 shipped and insured!

Custom 04 vikings.
Nexus and XSV egos.
No Timmys, DM's, or low end.

Contact me: - Email
nicktoto202 - AIM
niq-toto - PM

Thanks for looking,

Hot gun, dude.

I got no money.

Thats am AIM uni mount.

I have the same one.
g36 monkey

it looks pretty sweet but im not in the market for such a high end. THumb down

I'd be interested if I wasn't looking at getting this Ego.

i would but i just got 3 guns so i dont need another one and i aint got any money to spend

way to bring up an old post, and not sign in, and have a completely useless post identical to one u posted in the wtb forum...

It was a spammer. He posted "lol" in five threads before I banned him and cleaned it all up. Dont worry about it.

don't spam please.......

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