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Response Trigger or E-Bolt

I'm thinkin about getting a trigger upgrade and I was wondering if I should get the Response trigger or the E-Bolt. I would prefer not to spend that much money on an E-Bolt but I will if the Response trigger isn't really worth it. Give your opinions.

it's Response Trigger...but could find a better price for one...less than $60.
g36 monkey

both have their strengths....the r/t can reach higher speeds but some fields wont let you use them and some (most) tourneys wont let you use them....the ebolt has many settings and a changeable ROF, very tourney legal....and electro pneumatic Rambo
Overall i say the ebolt but for awesome speed definately the r/t

e-bolt. they eliminate the whole blowback thing and so its almost all air pushing the ball forward (beautiful) Salut
You Wont See Me

E-bolt is better in just about every category, including speed, because it is uncapped in semi-auto mode.

I'd go with the RT if money is an issue.

There's an E-Bolt on for $130. I'd go E-Bolt if you have the money, otherwise get an R/T. I'd deffinetly buy it used though.

Grunt_98c wrote:
it's Response Trigger...but could find a better price for one...less than $60.

I would definatly go with the R/T in your case, the E-bolt is for more experianced players.

If you plan on playing tourny's get an E-Bolt. If you dont play on it then get a R/T...unless you have extra money then i would buy an E-bolt.

Just make sure your field allows the R/T.

Smitty wrote:
Just make sure your field allows the R/T.
ya forgot about that.

E-Bolt isnt worth the money at all. You can get a much better gun with the price of a Tippmann+E-bolt. And resale will be horrible.

RTs can be found for around $50.

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