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rhode island

can anyone set something up for rhode island
Night Hawk

hey cody im from RI we can PLAY together

Safe Sex Safe Sex Safe Sex

just tell me when and where

I'm up in Mass, what field do you play on?

I go play way up in Lawrence, almost in NH.
Night Hawk

Me and paint4life live right down the street from each other. we use our own field

thanx but i whouldent recomend driving the distance for a woods ball field semi owned by two kids

Smile Smile

T, you should come to PA for some unknown reason.

Glassjaw wrote:
T, you should come to PA for some unknown reason.

Ya you should come down, you dont know what your missing man.

He has his liscense but his mom is a biotch.

If you're Looking for a good field in Rhode Island or Southern Mass, try Warzone in North Kingstown, RI. or Fox 4 in Upton, MA.

Also, Fox 4 has a scenario game coming up this weekend (July 30th). If you're interested in scenario, Fox 4 always puts on a great game. Check it out.

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