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RIP to my good friend...

My hedgehog died today. He was 4 years old. He died of liver failure, leading to a shut down of his organs. Well actually, the vet put him to sleep, but I was happy when I heard that because he was in lots of pain.
Heres how it happened...

I have been feeding him, and giving him water, but hadn't taken him out to play for around 4 days. I was noticing that he wasn't eating or drinking, so I went to examine him. His instestinal area was extremely bloated, with a yellow discharge around his butt. Also, one of his eyes was clouded over (cadarac? sp?). He couldn't walk anymore, so he couldn't get his food or water. The problems all came on in a few days. I gave him water through a pipette, and he sucked down lots of it. I tried to feedhim, but he wouldn't eat. This was all at midnight. He got taken to the vet in the morning to find out his liver failed. I personally think it could've been because he was fat, causing his liver to fail which isn't uncommon in hedgehogs. Anyways, they had a list of what was wrong with him. His lips were bruised (I'm guessing trying to eat? himself?!?!). So while I was in school they put him down. I had a feeling that was going to happen, and it nagged me all day long. But I guess he isn't in pain anymore, and hopefully he went in no pain. He is getting professionally cremated, and given to me. I'm not sure what I will do with the ashes, but I will think of something.

Sorry bout the novel.
g36 monkey

Im really sorry to hear that, I hate losing pets. Hedgehogs are really cool. And like you said, fortunately hes not in pain now.

Weird. They put our black lab down today too. She could even move so I guess it was for the better. I'll miss her like crazy though.

Sorry to hear about that. I've never had to have a pet put down, but when I was younger we sold the dog I had grown up with because she had adopted a temper with as she grew older. It was tough because she was always there, but it was for the better.

Are you considering getting another hedgehog?

No, I probably won't get another hedgehog. With heading off to college in a couple of years I won't be able to take care of it and don't want my parents to have have the burden of taking care of a pet that isn't thiers. So I am petless (well, my family has 2 cats), and it feels wierd, but I feel better knowing that he isn't in pain, and that he is going to get professionally cremated, and I will have the ashes to put where ever I want.

soory to hear that, man they would make me very upset
i hope your ok

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