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Roll Tide

Roll Tide's Ion~ Better Pictures 10/10

A little update for all of you here at the Looza.

This is my Ion after some upgrades, would've gotten a nice new body but I'm just to damn indecisive.

~CP Shorty Reg
~NDZ mini rail with On/Off
~NDZ composite trigger (formerly a 2x finger, now morphing into a blade)
~DYE Sticky 3s
~Shocktech Lo-Rise Clamping Feedneck
~14" Bigshot
~QEV (I was extremely disappointed in the performance)

Still an Ion, I know, but when a bolt kit gets back in stock and I find a body it will be transforming.

The better pictures are below.

looks nice, what's a QEV? someone needs to do some milling on one of thoes things, send me your stock body and i'll mill that sucker!
Roll Tide

QEV is a quick exhaust valve, used in 'cockers. In Ions they are supposed to allow you to lower the dwell, and I've heard it increases effeciency, which for me is total BS. And Tig, once I get the new body you will have my Body (Ion body, of course) for a very generous cost!

Still an ion.

Decent though.

Not bad, not like I havent seen one before..jk Hopefully you'll get that new body soon and it wont look like everyone elses. Nice job so far.
You Wont See Me


Not bad at all.

"I eat peices of < poo > like that for breakfast."

you eat pieces of **** for breakfast? Shocked i hate to see what you eat at lunch time Ewwww

"NOOO." -Happy Gilmore

Was hoping someone would say that lol. Ok keep it on topic now, sorry.

it's better than that sureshoot(i think that's his name)
g36 monkey

its pretty nice for an ion. When you get a body get one of the metal ones. Have fun.

Ya might have to mess with your board to see an increase in BPS. Another teamate I believe did and he did notice an increase in bps with the qev. On the other hand I didnt but I did not tune my board any more. I know If I hade a stub for a hand tho I could easily get into rebound mode with the cp blade trigger. Weeeee!

I like your reg and feed neck. I am waiting till the stock reg bites the big one on my ION before I replace it.

Get FBM Kage.

Take pics outside next time, it makes the gun look soo much better.

Now noone can say this is a normal ion lol it has some nics ups on it good job
Roll Tide

10/10~ Better Pictures. I got my camera back today, and so I was experimenting with some different backdrops. Give me some input on which is the best and any other suggestions (regarding photography or the gun).

g36 monkey

I like the pics that look like a pool is under them. IT makes the gun look pretty (even an ion)

It would look better if you could have the gun above the water instead of half on/ half off.

Wouldn't that suck if you tripped and the gun went into the water.

First pic would be the best. You dont want a complex backdrop, like the stones. Something simple with mineute detail, like the pool or the slate around it. Simple, yet detailed when up very close. And you dont want to be above the gun wheres its just there, you want to be down on the ground with it; which the first does partly have. You also want the colour to associate as little as possible with the gun colours, and lights so you can see the shadows. Lots of lines are also very important because your eyes naturaly follow lines.

To improve your first picture Id suggest...
-Find a more consistant backdrop
-More leading lines and interesting mineute detail
-Perhaps a lighter colour, to amplify shadows
-Better, more personal angle. Get on the ground, pretend the gun is a girl and your her height but a little taller, whatever looks best.
-Get more NATURAL light to create better and detailed shadows and reflections off the gun. A nice sunny day an hour or two before sunset or after sunrise is best.

Some suggestions.
Roll Tide

Thanks, TH1, I'll keep those in mind.

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