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So, I just got an RT, an am completely lost, there's no hole for the stop thing to to connect to the top of the receiver, any ideas as to why my receivers are like this?

Here's a pic...

Is this all the parts?

There's no hole next to the screw hole. any ideas?

You have to tap out a hole in the frame.

Your missing the RT tapped powertube. Its the same as the normal powertube except its tapped in the part that sticks out for the external line. You can tap out the hole yourself and youll need to in this case. Youll also need to punch out the hole in the reciever. Just look at the 98 RT manual and youll be fine.

you can take it to a local paintball store...i did because i did have the tools to do so at the time to put it in myself..will cost money THumb down ,sorry. if you do that make sure the store knows what their doing...don't make the same mistake i THumb down

in the right gun half there is a pencil eracer sized circle-indent thing in the directions it says to knock it out but i drilled it to minimize possible gun damage. as TH1 said you are missing the tapped power tube you will have to drill the nub thingy that sticks out of the gun i believe it's a 10-32 thread but check the banjo fitting with a nut to be sure on the thread size and pitch when you do drill it be sute to hit the center of it. when you assemble the cylinder be sure not to rip the cup seal on the plunger this would result in a leak.....not good

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