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Russian M44

Brothers barrowing his buddy's Russian M44 for a Russian WWII reenactment this weekend. This gun is original, but on the side of it there is a patch where they grinded and engraved specs and a serial number. I fricken love this gun, the folding bayonet is amazingly sturdy.

The gun is 7.62x54, which is a huuuuuge round. I cant imagine the kind of recoil this short and light gun has.

M44 Russian 7.62x54
C.A.I. Georgia VT -serial number-

Guess thats a refurb company? It is 1944 dated.

Hand-to-hand combat ready.

Stock or stab?

FOR THE MOTHER LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!....that is freakin awesome....

Cool Cool old russian turn-bolt 30.06 Rambo

At school and pics aren't working, and my internet at home is down and has been for about a day. Comcast THumb down


thats freakin awesome.My uncle has like 3 of thoes they are so much fun to shoot

Very nice looking gun. I like the bayonet!
g36 monkey

perfect for a reenactment. Salut

SOME pics from his reenactment-

(he was with his friends who were German)

The weapons, theres an MG in there.

Russian comrads!

The town they stayed in/attacked.

MG43, or similar model. Was a full auto blank gun. Ill post a vid later.


A lot more, Ill post them when my bro hosts them for me.

reanactements are pretty cool

how do u say? it is... sweet? yes it is

That looks like it was fun to watch. Sharp uniforms.
We got civil war reenactments down here, there is a big one in a couple months I was going to check out, cannons firing and all.

I think I have shot that rifle about 3 years ago. I'm not sure if it was the same, but it was a 7.62x54R Russian military bolt rifle with bayonet, from the same time and same wooden stock. Not a Lee-Enfield or something like that. It kicked about as much as a 30.06 light weight hunting rifle, similar caliber. A friend of mine mom's new husband bought it at a gun pawn for <$100 stock dinged up and all. We shot it across the lake in their backyard, I lost touch with them or else I would know for sure if it was the same rifle. It had the same style sights.

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