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Saw II

Well, Saturday I went to see Saw II with my girlfriend. We watched the first movie for the first time before we went and you really dont need to see it. The story line is different, but the same "game" goes on. I wont ruin it, but it was pretty good. Nice and gorey and it had my girlfriend flipping out... Laughing

Anyone else see it?

yeah i saw it and it sucked so i wont see anymore SAW movies.

I was over my neighbor's and we watche SAW with some friends.

I loved SAW, very violent, but very cool. Want to see SAW II
g36 monkey

i didnt see the first one but i plan on renting it then watching it. Then we will go see the new one, not for sequel purposes but for comparison. Thinking

Saw it thurs night. Reall was looking forward to seeing it. 6 friends and I bought tickets upfront to a rated R movie no problem.

Started out with a "game" very similar to one in the first. I wasnt impressed. The rest of the first half wasnt too interesting but suspenceful. After about 2/3s into the movie it really really got interesting and awsome once all the clues, details, forshadowing, ect came together. Ending was very twisted. Walking out of the theather I was confused like the first, as my mind was putting together what I just saw. The ending and twist happened so fast but was amazing. Go see it now. I loved it, perhaps more than the first.
You Wont See Me

I was going to take my girlfriend to see it, but she wont have any part of it.
Apparently she couldnt sleep for like a week after she saw the first one.

It probaly was more vilolent and disturbing than the first. A few parts I could barly watch (when the chick was slitting her wrists and when she was thrown in the pit of syringes) made me shiver.

I saw it earlier today with a friend

All I have to say is:


The pit of syringes was really messed up dude, the beginning wasn't as bad as it was made out to be by a friend who saw it. That movie was just freaking messed up, so creepy. I don't really get the ending though


So I didn't get it? The son, the chick who takes over John's place, and that beefy dude go down to the basement right? But it's a different house than where the father goes to? But how does the son get into that locked chest or whatever? That really sucks though, that he was in there the whole time and all the dad had to do was sit there.

No, the father is in the right house and all, except everything they were watching had already happened and it was a recording. The cops traced the cameras to a house, which had the video playing on a tv. So they were watching what they thought was live.

So the father goes to the right house, which is just a set-up for him just walking into the "Saw room."

Ah okay, gotcha. So...the ending sucked really. That chick taking over his place? It could have been done better.

I liked how it all concluded, but it was stupidly ironic.

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