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SHADOWRUN - TURF WARS - September 2nd, 2006

Splat Action Sports & Duncans Games Presents...

As cyber technology emerges, there lies a Matrix. A vast system within a system. A world where reality is not real, a place where the past has not yet been discovered, a place where the future has been changed. You exist in this realm of near reality, a pawn of great corporations, whose powers reach beyond human existence, a place where magic, fear, and hope become lost in a maze of non-human, half living, dredges of life who exist only at the whim of "The Rouge Family's". You have been called on to make the "RUN". Can you complete the mission, or be devoured in the Matrix.

Conrad Shipping vs. Venducci Storage, two Rouge Family's determined to control the last of the utility companies, Pitting runners from the street people (Street Samurai) against each other, these Family's will stop and nothing to achieve total control of all the utilities.

September 2nd, 2006
10am till 8pm

Admission fee $35, registration is due 1 week prior to the event, $40 at the gate or after the pre-reg deadline.

Includes all day air (HPA or CO2)

Field paint only

Draxxus Midnight $45
Draxxus Blaze $50
Draxxus Inferno $55

770 Hurricane Street SE, Palm Bay, Florida

For more information call Splat Action Sports at 321.255.1114 or email Chris Carson at or visit

Splat Action Sports
Passion. Pride. Paintball.

Sounds AWSOME!!!!!

And i think you copyed and pasted that info, LOL didnt sound like u talkin but no big problem!

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