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shooting indoors

through my LP experiment i had to pick and choose my days to work on it because of weather, not liking this i had to come up with a way to chrono indoors.

how to do it.
i found a box with an opening a little smaller that an old t-shirt, draped the t-shirt over the opening and set a weight on top of it to hold it all in place. then just shoot into it! i started out with 4 pb's and shot about 100 times!!! i broke 2 of them but only because one bounced out of the box and broke on the floor and the second i just plain missed the box.......hey quit laughing i was concentrating on getting it through the chrono Laughing this is a great way to shoot inside at little to no cost in pbs great for dialing in of tweaking.

I have Reballs.

yea, me too

i found a great way to shoot them w/o themn going flying,
put a large fleeze blanket, folded up, in a bok, so there are wrinkles in the blkanker. make sure that the blanket is 6inches thick folded
then you shoot into it, and they balls stay!
Roll Tide

HS wrote:
I have Reballs.

Sounds like I great idea! I usualy just shoot into my pellet trap... or at the wall in my basement, but then crap flys out all over the floor. But that sounds like a great idea

Nice. I might try that. I wish I had reballs. Too expensive for me.
g36 monkey

sounds pretty cool....i wish i was creative and i wish i had reballs but i got nowhere to shoot em THumb down

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