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skate ramp *UPDATE*

Well, this is my ramp that I have so far. It came out well after a lot of cutting. I made the platform today. The trasfer from the platform to the ramp is slightly rough but very manageable. The platform does not budge. I got on top of it and tried to get it to wobble but it wouldn't.

I will be putting another ramp on the opposite side so it will be a ramp-platform-ramp. After I buy a new deck for my skateboard and new weels, I will start directing my money to the quarter pipe fund. I will put up a few things for sell sooner or later.


Well, today I wasn't busy so I decided to go ahead and finish my ramp. Here she is.

The thing at the base of the ramp is a thin sheet of wood that is used for putting on walls. I turned it over and used the smooth side. It isn't very strong so I lined it with black duct tape so it wouldn't fall apart. If it breaks on me, I will go ahead and finish smoothing the bottom edge of the ramp so it is easy to roll on with the small wheels on skateboards.

I have been thinking about it and I don't think I will be building the quarterpipe. I have the money to build one right now, but I don't have the room for it to be effective. If I ever do get the money to make one, I will build a half pipe on the side of the patio that I use. I was talking with my mom and she said if we still stay in the house we are in and after we fix up a room and 2 bathrooms, we might extend the patio. I'd rather move out though and find a nice house with a good big patio.

Coming along nicely. I forgot that you skate. The skaters at my school took over an old tennis court and put a quarter pipe, tons of ramps, and several rails in. Although they're terrible at skating, it's kinda fun to watch.

i love buidling ramps and rail. i had a ton of plans but my dad said they violated buidling regulations in my neighbor hood (bs)

also, right now has great sales of wheels (all sets of wheels 9.99. tensor trucks are 9.99, bones swiss bearings (usually 40ish) 20.00) they have good deals

I almost forgot to tell you that it is 15 inches high. It's not much but the plywood I was using was dry and did not want to bend as easy as i wanted. It isn't that bad for just using wood that was laying around.

Thanks abr5 for the link. I have some bones reds. I don't have them in my wheels because I'd rather not mess them up until I can get to a skate park.

Wow, those prices are low. Have you ordered from them because I think I have heard that they rip people off. I am a little suspicious about anythingextreme. I think I will just stick with my good friends over at Action Village.

i got an a-5 from them a while back

looks real good. wax down the egde of the platform for grinding.

Once I get enough scrap metal im gonna weld a grinding post together. But theres already enough good street around here.

And that abandoned warehouse, the creator of that underground company that made the movie "Sabotage" wants to get some guys and skate in it and get footy for his next vid.

Looks really nice.

The last ramp I made I ended up doing a faceplant into the asphalt. No more ramps for me. Confused

New stuff on first post.

Nice work, wish i could skate on it! Thumbs up Thumbs up

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