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sl-68 II f/s/t

alright... here it goes... don't really want to get rid of it, but i think it's time for me to make a big game / loaner / woods gun.

so up for sale today is my sl-68 II. it works great. I changed most of the o-rings when i bought it and it shoots pretty consistently. of course i've only used nitro on her.... only the best for my babies. looks a little beat up... but what sl isn't...

comes with the stock barrel, one or two pocket hoppers, depending on how many i can find, and if you want and if i can find it, i'll throw in a 16 oz co2 tank

for trades, i'd like to get a tippy carbine, either a 68 or a pro-carbine. no prolites...

cash... 65 + shipping seems reasonable... i can do MO or paypal. if paypal, you're throwin in a few extra bucks to cover the fees. shipping will be through UPS if they give me my paychecks in a reasonable time, otherwise usps priority if my ups boycott starts.


You Wont See Me

Shes a beauty!
g36 monkey

*aits for tig to post* Laughing
I wish i was in the market for a take it in a heartbeat then try to make my own custom sl Laughing

i woulda gotten it a little while back, but i got a pump kit for my cocker!

oh yeah... forgot...

contacts... email would be best... or a pm on the tippy forum... i'll try to check this forum as much as possible again...

or on aim - fuzzynutzipper

Nice. If only I had $65! Maybe I'd have to find one on ebay for like $30 or so. Anyway, good luck.

up ... lets get this sold... make an offer...

You Wont See Me wrote:
Shes a beauty!

well YWSM said it

when i get a little over 65$ be waiting for a PM. Cool

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