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Sniper II

I hate to see it go, but I just don't play as much as I used to. This gun is my baby and has only seen 2-3 days of play. Now for some rules:

1. Be mature
2. Post here before PMing me - the gun is going up on other forums as well
3. Preferred Payment: MO or personal check
4. Due to family policy, I do not ship first.

04 Prostock
12" CP 1-piece .689 // stock barrel
PE Nexus DART bolt // stock bolt
CCM pump kit
return spring (not pictured)
CP gas-thru
WGP Slider
CP rail + on/off ASA
BE 50rd hopper
WGP barrel bag

Comes with box, manual, and blank warranty card.

Price: $250 shipped OBO

Trades: Apex + $$$

Thanks for looking!

Wait for the season to start again and get back into the game.
For you seeming like you love that gun so much, you sure haven't played with it much.

I do love it, I just can't justify keeping it any longer. I don't play nearly enough and all of my friends have gotten out of it. I'm keeping my SL-68 II for sure. I just need money right now. College = empty pockets.
g36 monkey

dang man
its gorgeous
i wish i had the cash

Well, I can't do it unless it's for a nice chunk of cash. I'm going to keep her. Maybe I'll pick up a few more small parts for her and get some use in this season.

I'm happy to say this gun is no longer for sale!!! Cheers
g36 monkey

lock her up
i would hate to see that baby ripped from you

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