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So, I decided (almost)

Im going to sell my tippy after I finish it. I should be able to get 200-250 for it. (hopefully)

Now, this is where Im stuck.
With about 300$, I could pick up an older angel. And, I love angels, but why Do i need two, the Fly has never given me a problem.

Then, I thought about getting back into the mag family. I would take that 200-250 and build a custom mini-mag. After thinking, I have the sweetest idea in my head.
Chrome mini-mag body-30
Chromo Intelli-50
red viperblade-25
red alpha rail-50
RPG ASA (raw or chrome)-20
Red CP gas-thur- 20
Red hydrid female dog grips-20
Some PL red drop foward- 10
CP on/off- 30

Now, your opinions. Older angel (LCD or IR3) or that custom mini-mag.

I know someone who is selling a 03 or 04 Mamba IR3 for $500, it's beautiful. He just got a 2k2 Timmy, is why he's selling it. He's going to buy an 05 frame, and, WHAT DO YOU KNOW? He's got an 05 Timmy... Rolling Eyes

Mambas are nice, but what of my range.

If I were you, I would take a minimag, just because you already have an Angel right now, and it serves you well. The next Angel can come later.

But it's all up to you.

As I said on Tippy, what will become of your Fly board after Tadao?

Ponder that, and you may find your answer.

Its still going to cost around 200$ to get te angel milled and drilled for eyes.

I decided to be a whore about this.

Mag re-sale also sucks. So, buy a nice ULE x-valve (They're all black, which sucks) mag for 350. Trade the parts I don't want for ones I do. And build from there.

The new design. (well, dream again)
Nickle ULE
Red X-valve
Red alpha rail
Nickle intelli
Red viperblade
Red 15* ASA
Chrome CP gas thru
Red Hybrid female dog grips.
Red RPG feedneck.

I say your "new Mag design." More practicaly and resellable.

Im probley pick up a chrome mini-mag body too. I love the way they look.

Yeah Iv seen them, look very nice. Kind of hard to find arnt they?

My Mag when I bought it was all chromed out. SS Classic body, chrome VA and gas-thru, chrome 32* frame, polished rail, and chrome Bullet drop. Was ok, didnt really like it. Like it better now.

That's going to look nice.

IDK if you got my PM, but check 'em.

I'd go with the mag idea. Sounds sick.

Wish my Mag were here. Was supposed to be here today at the latest, worried and pissed.

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