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g36 monkey

so i found my old POS web cam, (new pics!!!)

figured it was time to get pics of my gun up.

Heres how i got it:

Then I turned it into this:

A closer pic of the body:

The tank cover (cant afford a proto one right now, if you couldnt tell, i like proto):

And the hopper, Ive got a red hybrid suicide on the way, and hopefully im getting a b2 board, if not a b2, at least a B.:

Is it possible to get a smaller feedneck? That Halo looks like it is really high up there.
g36 monkey

definitely possible, whenever I can afford one. Not really on my high priority list yet. Really focused on a 2 piece proto barrel or UL barrel. half red half silver. Then a few other things. I can tuck pretty tight, and rarely get shot in the hopper, so it doesn't bother me. But yes, it is a tall feedneck, and it doesn't tighten as well as it could. Looking at like a NDZ low rise, or a trinity T-lock. Both come in red, obviously IM high on the red/silver Laughing

Get a CCM feedneck, CCM no pro.
Best Feedneck


But yeah, nice looking gun. What did they do to color the eye cover?

Also, for a barrel, I would HIGHLY suggest a Lucky barrel. It is a 2 piece, but one piece is a stepped bore, and one is threads. It is 15 dollars for the threaded part, and 30 for a bore. You could have a whole kit for around the price of a UL.
g36 monkey

not bad, 3 bores for $101. Ill keep it in mind, and Ill look into that feedneck too. Moneys short right now, so I'll see what i can do.

The guy never told me how he got the eye cover red, but theres insturcitons on PBN for painting them. I just know, I have to have tape underneath it, because too much light gets in the eyes and messes w/ em. Only downside to it looking so sick Laughing

Looks pretty cool. I'm a huge fan of your grips. I've been trying to find a pair of CKs for my Sniper, but to no
g36 monkey

yea, I was lucky to get em, I love them, they look so good with the gun. Not the most comfy grips, but with gloves I dont notice.

They are really cool though, just crap to clean ha ha.
had to go through with a toothpick the night i felt like being meticulous.

How do you like that trigger? I'm probably going to get one for my minion.
g36 monkey

its pretty sick, but im a big fan of critical triggers, and function. but i like this one alot too. really easy to rip on.

About time ya got some pics up! Looks great man.
g36 monkey

thankyou very much.

I think i need to send it in to proto though, the ASA screws are stripped, think my friend mightve done somethin when he borrowed it.
Im not mad though, couldve happened to me.
g36 monkey

so i just took some new pics with my phone, they are a lil better, hybrid shells Very Happy

Even if i have no parts inside the shell yet (B2 board, new drive cone, new rip drive, new backplate, all on the way), it still looks good

Note the suicide shell box in the background Laughing


Much better pics. It looks better, but I still think thopse things are extremely tall. The 07s are very nice looking IMO. The 06s are good too.
g36 monkey

thats true, it is pretty tall, but i can make myself pretty tiny if i have to, the size of the gun isnt much matter to me, more the location of the front grip.

razrs take nice pics Laughing
my sister gave me hers cuz she got a new phone, already got stickers on it.

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