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so i have 3 98C's....

as most of you know i just picked up my third 98C, two of them are E-Bolted and the third has an R/T. the problem is i really only need 2 guns (one for main and the second for backup) what ones do i keep? one of them is my flamed version, the second i haven't decided on a paint scheme yet and the third appears to be stock (no milling)with a silver (or white) paint job.....and i have a whole mess of barrels too the main ones are a flatty, boomy and j&j.

now i won't part with either of my milled bodies so that decision is easy, the question is what guts and barrels do i keep? on one hand it would be cool to have 2 E-Bolted 98's but on the other hand you can't beat the reliability of an R/T. then what barrels do i hang on to? i like the flatty but the shroud really dosen't work all that well with a milled body plus i have both bodies centerfed and would have to wreck the shroud to use it, unleeeessss i keep all 3 and set up the unmilled body with the R/T and flatty and use it mainly for woods and use the other 2 for if i get into the speed league. but then again it's dumb to have 2 E-Bolted guns laying arround. AAARRRGGG please leave your imput/opinions i will probably set up the unmilled gun with the Psyco Ballistics EBolt and dump it on eBay....after all the whole intention of buying the second was to scavenge the GTA E-Bolt off of it. let me know what you guys think.

I would create a woods and speed set-up and sell one of the Ebolted ones. Put the RT and Flatty on the unmilled and put the Boomy on the Ebolted 98 you decided to keep. Sell the other Ebolted with the JJ on Ebay or PBNation. Just my 2 the end, it's your call.

Sell the 98c w/ E-Bolt that's not milled. Sell it with a Flatty.

i have 3 98c's....and i love them only thing i would do is sell that none GTA E-bolt....
g36 monkey

i say e-bolt the flamed one and put the boomstick on that sucker. the one that you have already milled a lil bit put the r/t in and a flatline for woods. and then sell this new one with the psycho ballistics e-bolt and the j and j, i think this would work out best for you. Rambo

Keep them, make one a "parts marker". Completely take it apart and put all the parts into your tool box that I hope you bring to the field when you play.

jsut keep em all, make a speed ball gun, a woodsball gun, and an all around back up gun.

Justice wrote:
Keep them, make one a "parts marker". Completely take it apart and put all the parts into your tool box that I hope you bring to the field when you play.

no problem there Justice, i have enough parts to rebuild everyones gun on this forum.....well mabey not everyones.

it's kind of senseless to have 3 guns, especially the fact i use them but twice a year so one is definatly going up for sale, just haven't decided wich one yet.

i have 4 gun and may be getting a 5th soon, its not pointless (i have used 1 of em in a game)

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