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g36 monkey

So right now Im a happy boy

My proto came in the mail yesterday, and I was pleased to find that the guy threw in a really nice Dye ASA and a Macro for free, because I had told him my parents would have been angry if I had to go buy new stuff for this thing when it came in. I shot it and it was absolutely amazing, besides the fact that I was using my friends V35 Halo, and it was set to like 32 bps so it was over feeding and jamming, but now I have it set right so this weekend it should be good.
I showed my friend who doesnt know anything about paintball really, and just let it rip, his face was awe Laughing
Ill try and get pics, really need to find a camera. Tounge

Better yet, get a vid.
g36 monkey

ill do what i can, if i can find a video camera, i think my neighbor has editing software so i could make soemthin really good.

get a vid and some pics ASAP or DIE

i am happy too, i got my pump kit for my cocker, it is sick
g36 monkey

well you definitley need pics of that then too. Im out of air as of now, but ill get somet this weekend and hopefully make a vid then. granted it only has semi so you wont really get the full effect. once i UL frame it (in like a year Laughing ) ill put up a really good vid.
g36 monkey

Should be makin an ok video after school tomorrow. Ill try and remember to put new batteries in the halo so it doesnt jam up Laughing
I just adjusted the trigger today, so now theres no room to pull after it clicks the switch, got it just right. Also put some electric tape under the eye covers. Too much light is getting in and messin w/ the eyes aaargh
I hope its fixed

Your so lucky! Congrats on the new baby!!
g36 monkey

Im extremely happy. Now i just need the skills to back up my high end gun Laughing
Ill start playin more now with it, instead of reffing all the time.

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