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g36 monkey

So you might be getting tired of all my "new guns"

but this ones for real.
The deal with my friend fell through because of his mom, he traded up for a dynasty shocker w/ a freak kit instead, but now im getting a silver proto, dmc feedneck, cp roller trigger, hybrid contract killers, and some other goodies. ive already sent out the MO and it should be here thurday. pics when i get it (if of course i can find a camera)

cool. how much did you get it for? you didn't get pictures of the gun before you bought it? hopefully the guy has feedback lol

i am hoping to get some new guns soon too. i got offered a custom milled, anno'd, tadoa'd (and possible lucky air assist valve'd) 05 ego for my cocker. also, when i am done with my pump, i may trade for a d2 (since this dude with a d2 is really looking to get a halfblocked pump), or just sell it and buy a dangerous power fusion, just to test it out

Sounds awesome.

I'm in the process of trying to sell/trade my Mag. I cant get away from pump, so I'm going back to it with arms wide open.
g36 monkey

it was 425, it has pics. and the guy has awesome feedback and hes really good to deal w/.'

Pb Nation Link

its the silver proto. he has some nice guns. he says hes gettting a reloader B in a trade too, he will give me a deal. Rambo

o thats hot. i wonder what he did the to eye covers to make em red like that. either way, good deal. here is the gun i am probably getting for my cocker.

yeah, its ugly IMO, but it will be damn light, and i will prolly be able to get a dm6, or traitor shocker, or something else dead sexy for it.

I want a d2 whenever I can get the money.

Nice buy. I wanted a PM, but I would only get one if it was a 6 or maybe an even smaller one if they come out with a 7. At first i liked PMs but now I am not such a fan. I love the DM6 though. Maybe a Minion would be something I want even though it is kinda like the PM

a minion is a pm6 with different milling.

d2's aren't really worth it unless you get it for like 350-400, or get it in a trade. they aren't that fast, extremely loud, and they feel cheap (i.e. like toys). i would go for the dnagerous power fusion for 350 new, or a timmy cause you can get them for like 450-500 for a nice one.

you'd better UL that pm5 lol. Ul frames feel 100% better than pm5 frames imo.
g36 monkey

that ego is sick. lucky you.
Ive loved matrixes since i started playing so this is my dream gun. I wont be able to UL it right away, my dads already mad about me spending this much on just the gun. Ill do it in a while though, not going to buy a new board for it, because the UL has a few modes on it.

And yea, the Minion is PM6 done Evil style, and has different threads i think.

Ive used pm5s and they are plenty small for me, considering I like to play back to mid, Im already a big guy, I wont fit in the snake, well i could if i really wanted to.

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