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So.... my dog just got euthanized.

I noticed yesterday that my 13 year old dog was feeling sick... he wouldn't get out of his doghouse and just wasn't nearly as peppy as he had always been. He would usually bark a lot and his big ears would be up, but now he walked like he was in pain and his ears were down. So, my mom went out today to check on him and he was in the same condition. She noticed that his stomach was very hard.... it wasn't squishy at all. He was also even less willing to walk today, and would not eat or drink. So, my dad took him to the vet earlier and they found a big ass tumor in his stomach, and he ended up being put down. Weird thing is, is that he was perfectly fine until two days ago.

Moral of the story being, don't take your pets or your family for granted. They can be gone before you know it.


I'm sorry to hear that.

My cat had to be put down because all of a sudden diabetes had kicked in without us knowing it and paying for the edicine is not something my family could afford. It wasn't easy letting go because I get attached(sp?)to my pets.

Ah, you did the right thing. My dog who was 14 was battling tumors for about 3 years, had a surgery, was good for a while... and then it came back. I just wish I had put her down sooner. I was just way too attatched to her to let her go. My family had her before they had me.

that's a good looking critter very sory to hear of your loss. pets can become one of the family and it can be very hard to let them go.

I'm sorry to hear that. Looks like a very nice dog.
g36 monkey

my first dog died after i had it for about 4 weeks because he had parvo and i didnt know it.....that dog loooked really so sorry to hear about that. but like pb said you did the right thing by not makiong him suffer.

I'm Sorry for your loss. Pets can become one of the family and its hard to let go.

I so sorry. Losing a family pet can be one of the hardest things to do.

i'm sorry your *dog* had to be put down. its always hard losing a pet.

my uncle had a dog that had a football sized tumor. he spent thousands trying to save it, and it was looking better, then it came back and they finally put the dog down.
You Wont See Me

abr5 wrote:
i'm sorry your dad had to be put down.


I'm sorry for your loss. I've never really had a pet other than fish or hamsters ect but I can imagine how it would feel to lose one.

Sorry to hear that. That's kind of how I noticed that I should deffinetly live life to it's fullest. You never know when you're going to die.
Roll Tide

That was the awesome dog in the Angel video!!!

Man, I'm really sorry... sometimes pets are the hardest to lose because they are so innocent.

abr, you make me laugh. Cool

Anyway, thanks guys. Just wanted to vent a little bit.... Neutral

terrible. sorry man

aww that sucks, reminds me when our first dog was put down for cancer. One day we came home and he was almost dead, then took him to the vet and he never returned THumb down

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