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You Wont See Me

So....plans for summer?

Well schools almost out(and is out for some of you), whats everyones plans for the summer?

I have football starting on the 6th mon through thursdays from 9-11:30 for the rest of my summer. After football I plan on working from about 12:30 or 1 to about 7:00 at my new job at a pharmacy. I"ve decided thats what I would like do do with my life. Now I get to apply for college over the summer even though I'll be a senior next year. Damn pharmacy programs and their competitiveness. Another thing on the to-do list is selling the red camaro. The nicer one has a problem with the VATS system and as soon as that ones back the red one is gone.

I'm all done with high school, and I'm going to Wake Forest next year. I'm just going to be working and stuff over the summer.

Work...I've got a ton of money to make if I'm going to put that big block in my truck, keep the girlfriend, and pay for gas.

Work, sex, weed, paintball, frisbee.

Work, paintball, bowl, get a car.

I'll Be at alot of baseball games this summer....should be fun, im really hoping!
g36 monkey

summer school was loaded, so, im just pretty much chillin.

goin to visit my sister, family reunion, a camp with my church, and trying to get a job.

ha, ive got a mohawk until the end of the night, it was my last day of school surprise.

Workin. Paintball. Sleepin. Internets. Eatin.

Graduating from high school on June 6.
Working at a place that makes taps for clogging shoes, sells clogs, etc.
Playing paintball as much as possible.
Setting up a laptop for the fall.
Orientation on June 24-25.
Start 5 years of school at Gannon University on August 22. I'm going to be a PA.

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