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socom 3

i'm gonna by socom3 anyone else here gonna buy it screen name will be GRUNT_98c for online...

No. PS2 is teh evil.

Buy an Xbox and Halo 2 and watch yourself get modded and hacked.

Good times.
g36 monkey

im not gettin it, but my friend probably will so i will play it at his house. Too bad he wont get an ethernet cable so we can play online, he sees it as a waste. THumb down
I dont have a ps2 so i wont get one. Im gettin regular xbox after the 360 comes out and Im puttin a drive in it so i can download games on there, gettin ghtp and ghtp2.
(sorry if i sorta hijacked, i put related info in though Laughing )

i saw the commertial for it its pretty funny

"just another sunday drive" "SEAL style"

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