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some new stuff

so yeah... got some birthday cash... so i bought some little stuff. i traded my camo grips for some that matched a bit better, picked up a revvy (thanks tig), mostly for my sl-68II, but i'll probably use it on the fs. i also picked up a gucci headband... yay... and a camo sandana is also on its way... oh yeah... i got a JMJ vortex impeller for the revvy... cost more to ship it than the thing cost... screw you ups.

so yeah... pics.

Roll Tide

Sweet gear, and that impeller looks cool.

It looks like your gun needs a cleaning.

It looks like it but i doubt the impeller is lighting up. Pic looks sweet.

Beautiful Gun!! I like the grips to....

I have the same hopper.

nice revvy, must have gotten it from someone cool Cool

Like the agg apparel.
Roll Tide

redneckdeerhunter wrote:
I have the same hopper.

What a coincidence! Wink

Looks nice.
my friend has a ND freestyle. The thing rips.

Nice grips. Impeller looks sweet too.

Love the glowing impeller. looks bling bling.

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