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Some of my best stuff...

Hey guys, as you may know im really into photography right now. im planning to make a career out of it too. heres pretty much a compilation of my best stuff iv taken. Its all taken off my DeviantArt gallery online. If youd like to see my full gallery and page, click

otherwise, let me know what you think of my work. i added all of the titles under each one so you can reply about particular pics. haha sorry for so many





Dark Woods

On Fire

Lost Past


Step Up

Bright Fern

Bare Woods


Woods House



Squared Branching

Autumn Graves


Look up

Almost Dark

At the quarry

Runway Plants


Quarry Fence

For my friends

City Pigeons

Sky at Shediac

Through the crack

Myself in Portland

Skating at Sunset

First pic doesn't work but I love them all. You are the one that has gotten me started in photography through your awesome work.

VERY nice, what camera are you using?

I use a Canon Powershot SD400, 5 megapixel. Nothing professional at all. just a compact point-shoot cam with a little adjustability.

saving up for a $1200 SLR cam tho Very Happy
g36 monkey

showoff, diggin the fire one.

very nice

I need a camera.....bad Cool

my younger sister just graduated from some artsy college with a degree in graphic arts and design and the pics you just posted are on the same level as some she has shown me IMO. nice job!

i really need a new camera, the shutter speed on mine must be slower than hell because you almost need a tripod to get decent pics. most of them turn out blury THumb down

thanks everyone Cheers

tig your problem probably is your shutter is automatic, and there is a low amount of light where youre shooting therefore forcing a slower shutter speed and an increase in blur when unsteady. try to get more light in your pics, or stabalize it better

but a new cam cant hurt Tounge

took this yesterday for a friend....


Is that your new amp?

And is that an Epiphone or Gibson LP?

Nah its all his gear. I got a Crate 65w, his is 100w Marshall DFX. And thats a $2k Gibson Les Paul with some crazy good pickups, top of the line stuff. Hes the best guitarist iv met and damn good.

Damn dude, you're amazing at that. I see that being your profession. I can't belive the lightning one, you must've had some quick reaction time to get that one.

Actualy the lightening one is a from a video clip. I have about 8 separate frames of that bolt in the clip

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