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g36 monkey

Some stuff im thinking about

Im gonna get a new bolt when i buy my tank (along with some more gear type stuff/o-ring kit)

which do you guys reccomend more, or do you reccomend i look for more. the site only has these 2 on there.
Rufus Dawg or:
Dead On

If any of you have seen in action or know about thse please give details. Or give names of other good bolts and websites (legit) that i can get them at. My local proshop only carries high end bolts. THumb down

P.S.- Do you guys think i should get a rear velocity adjustment?

Stock bolt > Aftermarket bolt

The RVA is up to you. I never liked them.

keep the bolt you have i have had an a-5 in the past and it had a rufus dog bolt in it purely sucked so just keep the bolt you have and get something better
g36 monkey

so stock bolt it better, you sure a new bolt wouldnt help with anything, make it quieter at all? or improve accuracy maybe?

Actually im thinking not get the RVA, considering i will have a stock....hmmm Thinking
Would it interefere anybody who knows.

nope it will make it shoot a little quieter but not enough to notice a diffrence
g36 monkey

i guess that means dont get either of the bolts or the RVA, that relives some stress on me. I will tell my fiend not to get one too (actually, no i wont, make him suffer Very Happy )
Im gettin myself some lock-lids and a NXe podpack, and some other random things off of actionvillage. Cant wait till christmas when i can afford it all Very Happy

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