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Sonic Cyborg & DM5 & Proto

Ok heres my review, after shooting and handling both:

Dye DM5.

Team mates Dm5

Fast as you can shoot
Light weight
smaller than the DM4
good customizable settings and trigger
Good looks, flawless anno, and milling
tight spread from 50 ft.
the degas knob/system
feels great to hold
The light<<<my personal favorite>>>
miscellaneous i.e. lube


efficiancy(sp?) isnt that great
if you use a hi-pressure tank it does kick a fair bit
depending on your tank size it does become long
it came with bad eyes and poor wiring
EVERYTHING needs an allen key(it come with a set though)
... next to impossible to feild strip, so dont chop

$1399 usd


My sonic cyborg

Light weight
as fast as you can shoot
trigger easily customized
stripping and lubing takes 5 mins
velocity adj. done through the LPR *no allen key needed*
quality is good
NO kick
filters and setting changed easily through the DIP switches


anno quality is poor
few stores that carry them
manuel is simple
trigger moves side to side
hard to keep the fingerprints off

&1250 usd

Proto Matrix(PM5) Proto[a division of Dye]


very light weight
easy adjustments(trigger and board settings)
NO chopping
NO Kick
comes with Allen key set
stock barrel is decent


Garbage feedneck(stock)
allen keys are needed for everythig
Dye Lube does NOT go well with cold temperatures
Under rated~ It is much better than the DM5 with out a doubt.

The markers show in the above were the three used to formulate this review

very nice, good may wan't to post pic's with the review.

Thanks for the suggestion

Nice review.. Salut

Mad Muppet Mowing Machine, eh?

even better. i know the second gun is yours but is the first gun yours??? if it is...damn you got good lookin guns.

Great review.

What the difference between Sonic Cyborgs and Cyborgs?

I saw borgs going for 600 USD a little while back.

Well really the sonic has quite a few upgrades other than looks, to provide better consistancy, increased speed, and better proformance. Also comes with other misc. add ons (i.e. Sonic Claw& LPR cap). These add ons are all avalible for the borg:

Sonic Claw
Sonic Trigger
Sonic LPR
Sonic Bolt
Sonic Board

and other aftermarket products such as the Tadoa board.
$600 for a regular borg would be the right price, as for the sonics PBK was selling them for $920 w/7 peice matchstik, but I belive this offer is no longer avalible, and some of the borgs they sent out had problems apperance wise.

Grunt_98c wrote:
even better. i know the second gun is yours but is the first gun yours??? if it is...damn you got good lookin guns.

No its not mine, a team mates, our teams markers consist of DM5,DM5, SonicBorg, B2k4, and Proto.
jeep 98 custom

I'm actually one of the few people that doesn't really like Borgs. I've never shot a Sonic, so I can't comment on those, but one of my friends has a Borg, and I just really don't like it. The efficency is great, and it's a very reliable gun, but it feels very tall, and the trigger is horrible. The stock switch is very heavy, and the trigger has a lot of slop, making the gun not all that fast. It just didn't seem like a gun I would personally get for that price.

Very good review. I'm a huge fan of 'Borgs.

Proto review added

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