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Soon.......time to paint

Well I know it's been a while. I'm getting about done with the 98c. Haven't had much time to work on it. I need to know what kind of paint and primer to get. I saw a great flat black in that Rust something brand. Will that work? Also, I am pretty sure you guys said clear coating it will make it tougher, but shinier. Is there a clear coat that will let me keep the nice flat black look? Thanks.

Model Paint by model master from a hobby store followed with a few coats of polycrillic by miniwax worked for me. Little airbrush bottles = more colors for less $. You could do a ton of markers with one can of rustoleum, but then you have one color unless you waste money and buy a bunch. Make sure the varnish is matte, not gloss. Even matte has a little shine.

duplicolor brand paints $4-$5 a can at most auto parts stores, it's acrylic enamel (the same stuff they put on cars) durable as all heck and looks good too! just follow the sticky i made about painting it'll turn out cool! Salut

don't forget SELF ETCHING PRIMER if you want it to last Thumbs up

^Right get enamel paint.

It would be neat to see one Duracoat:

Hell yeah - Vietnam Tiger Stripe: badass!

I've seen several local custom guns that have been painted with Duplicolor. It does a nice job, and sinced it's enamel, it's nice and durable.

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