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Stuff Galore...Must look!!!!

I do not ship first.
Post before IMing or PMing me.
No lowballs.
Only want cash, NO trades, unless its something i can't pass up.

First thing on the list is a BT Apex barrel. 98thread. $70 shipped. Still in box.

Next is a Off brand 4+1 pod pack, can hold remote.$10

Then we have a Spyder Classic that has been painted green by the previous owner, the grip wont stay on the gun so i duct tapped it on. I was going to fix but just couldnt get around to it. Comes with a 14 inch barrel and 9oz tank. $15 shipped.SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD!


AIM: Traumafan8


       Paintapalooza Forum Index -> Paintball Gear
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