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You Wont See Me

Summer plans?

Whats everyones plans for the summer? I'm finally done with football so ill have a lot of time to spend the summer after my senior year doing all the things I still need to do. I'll probably work some but I'm def taking time off for road trips and such.
g36 monkey

all i know that im doing is a church camp, and going to alabama for a family reunion.

otherwise, im not sure.

I plan to work, pay off my mom, buy stuff for my car and chill.

I start work on Tuesday. I'm taking an online class to get a little ahead for next year. I'm hoping to do some camping/canoing as well.

Only plans so far are:
Cam swap for the camaro

I have the rest of my life to work, I'll do it then.

Backpacking in New Mexico.

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