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sypder to pump

So i finally played a game with my pump, and loved it, but it was extremely inconsistent, it would jump from 230 to 310 and such. I was running of HPA which could be the culprit. Anyways, it had horrible accuracy due to the velocity changes. (kinda completely irrelevant to the idea lol)
Anyways, we have pirahnas at the field that used to be used for rentals, but they sucked to much, so they are being sold for extremely cheap. I was thinking, since i know the field owner very well, maybe he would just give me one. I am in the mood to do a project, so since i like playing with pumps, i decided to modify one of those guns to be a pump.
I am assuming that it has the same valve stem as a spyder, the ones that are flattened on one side to let air through to recock. All i would have to do is take an old cocknig rod i haev, and make a new valve stem, or i could just take JB weld and fill in that flattened area. What do you guys think would be the best?
Also, i am trying to find a way to make it closed bolt with the limited tools i have. If i had some more heavy duty equipment, i could slot the striker, and have the pump arm attached to the bolt, so when the bolt was pulled back,the pin would hit the back of the slot, pushing the striker back, and when then bolt was pulled foward, the pin would move out of the slot, making the bolt close, but the strikey would remain.
The problem with this is that it might not be to reliable, becuase if the striker were to rotate (i don't know if they can, i've never owned a spyder) then the pin wouldn't go in the slot. I guess the simple solution would be to make a wide slot. Also, i don't have the tools to do this, seeing as how it is very hard metal.

The other option would be to take/make a cocker type back block, and thread the striker to make it like a cocker pump. This would also be hard because i don't have a drill press to make the perfectly straight cut for the cocking rod to go in, and i dont' have a tap.

I plan on getting some delrin to make the pump handle, and have yet to take a look at the gun i would be modifying, so i'm not sure what i would have e pump handle slide on. I could always make one going around the barrel, like the other pump i have, but that might be harder to do.

So yea, this is a loooong post lol

buy a SL 68 off eBay for $30 and be done with it Salut

i have a pump already.
the whole point of this was me being bored this summer, so that would give me something to do

oh now i see....sry, if you posted pics it would be easier for us to help.....this may prove difficult if you don't even have the gun yet though

yea, i was just hoping that someone would know something about making a spyder into a closed bolt pump. lol

Also, anyone know what a pnuematic assist pump does? i assume it uses air to make the pump easier, but how? and could it be done in a spyder clone?

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