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Roll Tide

TES IV: Oblivion

So how many of you have played it? What do ya think?

What is it?
Roll Tide

A video game...

Guess not many people on here are gamers.

Oh, Heck ya i'm a game. Just never heard of this.
You Wont See Me

I've never heard of it either. Confused

What console is it on?
Roll Tide

360 or PC. It's about 3 weeks old.

It's the sequel to Morrowind. It's the most open-base, complete RPG on any console, possibly even PC. I can't belive you guys haven't heard of it!
g36 monkey

i thought world of warcraft wa slike the best RPG, ive never played it because i just havent, i dont play games much anymore, im always outside or sleeping or on the comp, simple life Laughing

WoW is a MMO...But no, I've never heard of this game...Is it on regular Xbox, and if not is it worth it for PC? How much?

P8ntBallKing10 wrote:
Oh, Heck ya i'm a game. Just never heard of this.

Roll Tide

Read about it.

You'd have to have a really good computer for it to be worth it. It sometimes gets a little choppy even on my 360. But on the HDTV, the graphics are amazing.

I'll give it an 8.8/10; for being a little choppy at times, having a good bit of loads, and for it being too hard to steal stuff. Other than that, it'll keep you entertained for hours... I mean that literally. I have a buddy who had 300 game hours on Morrowind. Oblivion is simply an all around better Morrowind (which won the Game of they Year in 2002 I think.)

A friend of mine has it. Talks about it all the time. I have yet to go over and play it though. Looks like a lot of fun though, just with a had a 360 or better computer.

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