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TH1s jackass videos 9/11 *scooter down differant slide*

This is going to be my compilation of my own videos of me doing dumb stuff. Every time I add one Ill edit the date.

1. Attemting to jump a bike over a bush
You know the story, I wanted to see if I could make it over the bush, obiously couldnt.

2. Riding a scooter down a slide
Tried to go down the slide and land on both wheels.

3. Flipping over 600lb quad
I was about 12. Was doing donuts and got a little out of hand... Thats my brother laughing at the end.

4. NEW! Scooter down a tubular slide
Starts out upside down because my friend was holding it upside down. Sat on the scooter and went down, there was another scooter lying on the ground under the slide. My lower ass landed right on the bolt on the wheelie bar. Hurt much more than a paintball. After falling on the thing and grabbing my leg right after the video ends I yelled "<'looza filter owned this word>!!!!!!!!, mother ******!!" at the top of my lungs, and there were a bunch of little girls playing on the playground. Oops hehe.

Thats all for now, but Im scanning my archives.

And Im not telling people to go out and do stupid "jackass" things. Just where Im posting mine.

Cheers keep posting

Found that video of me flipping the quad! Took and hour and a half to upload... Enjoy!

for some reason i can't watch the new vid Thinking .....

haha, nice vids. Keep them coming Laughing
g36 monkey

i left each loading for like 5 minutes and nothing came up. Ive always wanted to see TH1 doing something stupid. Not cool

g36 monkey wrote:
i left each loading for like 5 minutes and nothing came up.... Not cool
g36 monkey

...i feel quoted Very Happy
Maybe if i could play them in a different player (i.e. windows media)

The video is in WMP format unlike the other ones. I dont know why it wouldnt be playing, damn putfile THumb down ! Ill try to import and reformat the video. I dont know, I want it to work!!
Roll Tide

It worked for me. Loaded pretty quick too. My friend flipped a Kawasaki Prarie 600 and when it rolled the side rolled on his foot and crushed it. Like 6 broken bones, completely smashed tendons, etc.

EDIT- The difference between him and you: he was going 60.

Hey. That wasn't very nice, you flipping me off and all.


Edit- Crying or Very sad
g36 monkey

Well, you dont have to go out of your way just for me and abr5, though it would be greatly appreciated Laughing


New one, 9/11.

That's great.

Wow, Laughing I wonder what those little girls thought..? Thinking

Putfile never seems to work for me.

lol must have more Cheers

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