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The Battler of Stalingrad 07

hey guys, for anyone who lives in PA or intersted in going you mite wanna stop by for this:

The Battler Of Stalingrad

its all about world war 2 when hitler and the gremans invaded a russian city or something along that story, anyway its at:

Jim thrope PA

7 hour sceairo ,idk if any of you have done anything like this but it sonds alot of fun

If you want the cost or the date of this event see this

I really want to get to a Skirmish or EMR scenario game this spring/summer. It's tough though because I live in Western PA.

oh, well i have been there 3 time and it is an absolute blast, but its very expinsive, but if your ever intersted in going you should play at one of the 2 castles and the air field
You Wont See Me

Haha, or something liek that.

It happened to be one of the turning battles of the war.

Read about the Battle of Stalingrad study

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