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The death of the pink flamingo!

Started missing when I was aiming for the head, old cheap paint and I was a good distance away. Anyway, you'll see:


Now that's taken care of, check out my camo paintjob in the woods. The photo has me in it, then the video picks up in the same location to reveal my location more clearly. You have to move a little different in ghille, it may look funny.

I hope all the links work, enjoy!

lmao, that was great.

Cant wait to watch the vids and see the full size pics! Ill check them out in the library at school tom. Cant see your gun at all by the thumbnails. I can see how your camo would blend in well with the Ivy in your woods.
g36 monkey

yea you do have to move a certain way to avoid looking funny. I hate the movie viewing thing i have to se eit, the quicktime. I wish it would play on windows media, so much cleaner. But it was pretty good from wat i could see. My sister aint got quicktime so ill watch it on hers later.

like i said......he had it coming. nice vid and your gun blends nicely!!

Thanks. If you get time to check out the other vids they are pretty entertaining I was laughing when I got back home and watched them. G36 monkey - I meant there is no avoiding looking funny the way you have to move if you don't want to fall flat on your face when you step on yourself.

yes mr flamingo stand right infront of the gun thats it
Roll Tide


Rofl, I love the bunny hop.

Wow, lol nice job. Gun blends in really well, looks great.

dude, sweet vids. nice suit btw, its pretty sweet, and yeah nice lil hop there lol

Yes there is a lot of cudzu. The first vid I had to hold the marker one handed so that I could run and hold up the suit with my other hand. Second vid you see I went down on my left hand.
g36 monkey

well i watched the flmingo one on my sisters and it was much better. Even in realplayer, i hate quicktime.

you blend nicely (especially in the shadows) now the only thing that gives you away is the Florida heat.........damn CO2 clouds Laughing

The CO2 and sound does give me away but I don't mind once the trap is set. I don't play often in ghille, but when I do I like to harrass then run and disapear, repeatedly - Let them come to me. It is usually a 3 on 1 if I ghille so I get to go in first to hide. There are close range concealment advantages with ghille however back in there we have shootouts were we barely get a glimpse of each other through the brush and we are in shorts and T-shirts, not even flat camo. It's fun to watch another player crawling on their belly down the side of a trail looking for you, then light them up once they get within 30 feet of you. A game in ghille takes a lot out of you, patience, good instincts for field positions, and it gets HOT! I have found that players don't like seaching the same place twice, so I move to where I backtrack them. The guys I play with have mostly stock markers so they call me colorful names when I use all my gear. Most of the time (90%) we just play normal elimination games in plain clothes.
g36 monkey

that sounds like itd be fun. They call you colorful names...i love that Laughing

lol that camo makes you look so rediculous Ewwww

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