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tig... need your help man, matrix boarded 98c

So i bought a new toy... it's a matrix boarded 98c... and it's seen better days. basically... the bottom half of the right side grip frame has a crack all the way through it. the previous owner tried to epoxy it using an aluminum splint... didn't work... not did my attempt to gorilla glue it back on.

right now, i'm thinking either buy new reciever halves, or try an ultra strength epoxy... like the stuff they use to glue reflectors to highways.

i'm looking for ideas... so lets hear em!


good side

and the bad side


bad side pic no worky
You Wont See Me

Didnt work, but then i refreshed and it works.

Ew, bad side is definatly....bad.

I'd go with new receiver halves.

amen ywsm.

New receiver halves would be a lot of work IMO
g36 monkey

because wouldnt you have to mill those so the board would fit?

I'd say new reciever halves. It'd be more work, but it'd be stronger than anything else. And then it'd be more your gun, instead of whoever milled it.

first of all, i'm going to take the metal plate off... and see what i'm working with here... if i think it's salvagable, i'm going to go with the epoxy. this thing was bought knowing i'm going to put a lot of work into it.

in fact, i might see if i can put a tadao board in it.

Tadao would be pimp. If you can salvage it, go for it. I'd say buy some new reciever halves and while you're milling out the grip frame, mill it up some and put a nice new paintjob on it.

Tig needs to get back on and respond. I am sure for a small fee he will weld it together all nice for you. Maybe he will give it a nice paintjob if you pay him a little extra.

New shells and mill um.
A lot more work, but it will be worth it when you try to sell it. Later.
it's the Payne!!!

nice buy though....try and find old style recievers some where...then do some milling work to make it better..

sry been busy that sucker needs some work! the halves are thrashed, ditch them. they would be weldable but so much is cut away it would be questionable at best, plus with all the diffrent kinds of epoxies smeared on there they each add their own contaminats to the aluminum wich make it a mofo to weld. make sure you go over it all with a fine tooth comb, if the previous owner butchered the body that bad there are probably many crappy electrical connections too. one thing to possibly concider is mabey putting a whole new grip on it, i have only seen that a few times and both times it was a hack job so if you did it and made it nice it would be a one of a kind!! GOOD LUCK looks like a FUN project!!

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