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Tippmann 98 Custom

This review is for the Tippmann 98 Custom. This was my first gun. I got it a few months back in a package for $160. The package came with the gun, a mask, 9 oz. co2 tank with butt plate, squeegee, allen wrenches, a hopper, and gun oil. Right out of the box, I knew this was going to be a great gun. This was at the time when I didn't have a clue about paintballing. I loved the sleek, black look and the feel of this gun. My friends have spyders and I had never seen a gun other than those, so this was quite a surprise to me. Unlike spyders, the gun was very simple on the outside and was not at all shiny. My friends had had troubles loosing all kinds of parts and their guns not working, the 98c is very simple.

The stock barrel on the 98c isn't the greatest, but it was sutable for me at the time. 8 1/2 inches looked very short when I got my 14" J&J Ceramic. Now for some features of the 98c. One big thing for me was the placement of the hopper. It is off to the right which actually allows you to use the sights. The feedneck is also a huge feature. Instead of messing with tiny screws to take the feed neck off, all you do is press down the front sight and the feedneck will come down allowing you for very easy access to where the paintballs are fed.

To adjust the velocity, you need one of your allen wrenches. Pretty simple, but some people don't like this. If you want, you could get an RVA. The gun is very comfortable to hold. I like the foregrip and how it is easy to remove. The 98c is very easy to get ready to go. All you do is put the hopper on, cock the gun, screw in the co2 tank, turn off the saftey, and you are ready to shoot. The gun is also very easy to take apart. There are two reciever halves with 6 screws holding them in. Simply remove the 6 screws, take of the little cover on the cocking knob, and carefully remove the left reciever half.

As you can see, I have a r/t. You can just disreguard that. When you first look at the internals, there is a lot to take in. I was pretty scared to take my gun apart the first time I did. Get to know your 98c inside and out. In the picture you can see the the six long pins for the trigger, the short pin for the front sight, the small metal front sight spring, the actual front sight, the rear bolt and rear bolt insert, front bolt, linkage arm, bolt handle, end cap, buffer o-ring, drive spring guide pin, drive spring, power tube, and the valve. There is a very detailed diagram in your 98 custom owners manual. If you need help, refer to this often.

The 98 custom has hundreds of upgrades that you can add on to your gun. I have a r/t but you could also get an e-bolt. There are expansion chambers, barrels, drop fowards, remote lines, a low pressure kit, double triggers, stocks and RVAs. The 98c is a very common gun, so there are tons of upgrades for it. Now for the advantages and disadvantages.

1.durrable and reliable,Tippmann name to buy but doesn't act like a cheap gun
3.field strippable
4.tons of ugrades
5.feed neck easily removed
6.all around great starter gun
7.Tippmann customer service and warranty

1.Hard to make it unique because so many people have 98 customs
2.I wouldn't advise stripping it in the field; too easy to loose parts
3.stock barrel could be better
4.some people don't like the way the velocity is adjusted

In conclusion, this is a perfect gun for starters and veterans alike. It is rugged and is made to face the elements which comes with any Tippmann gun. This marker is cheap and easy to maintain. I highly suggest this gun to everyone because in the long run, it will last. I give the Tippmann 98 Custom a 9/10.

Damn good

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Nice review..

Whenever I get asked about it I just say: affordable, reliable, durable, upgradeable..

Thanks, it took me a long time to make. I had to keep uploading those pics because they were too blurry. My photography skills aren't the best. Very Happy

Still an awesome review. Cheers

very good nicely done

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