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You Wont See Me

Tippmann coming out with another marker

Obvously a result of the tippmann/specops partnership
g36 monkey

I heard about it, but I think a-5 with some ups will blow it out of the water.
You Wont See Me

Its got a pretty fun link at the bottom where you can customize it as you want.
it's the Payne!!!

THumb down ...i sort of hate the direction tippmann is now going...

It looks okay to me, just a fairly standard Tippmann marker ready made for the milsim crowd. From a business standpoint this marker should serve Tippmann well.

I'll be interested to see if any of the accessories, particularly the offset hopper, can be retro-fitted onto an A-5.

its pretty coo, but the A5 is the best ever made

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