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g36 monkey

Transporter 2

I had never even heard of transporter, but i went and saw this. There was really only one extremely corny part (not gonna tell you where it is) that you know would never happen. Overall i thought the movie was pretty good. probably achievees a 7/10

that is one movie i dont think i want to see i dont know why i just dont

I thought it was pretty bad. It's your standerd action flick with borderline no plot development and cheezy action scenes. That lady with the two uzis was pretty hot though. I love that line "No, you've been canceled!" though.

I can say I probably wont see it. As of late, action movies just havent intrigued me.
g36 monkey

O well, guess every body here is a big critic. I thought the lady was ugly but hey whatever floats your boat Laughing

When he flips the car and hits the bomb off the bottom? My friend went to see it and he just complains about it all the time......he saw it like a month ago. He always does the scene where the taxi driver or whatever says "Here you go transporter" and reaches in his coat then pulls out his hand with his middle finger up. rofl

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