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Tuesday 7/11 PB Report

This weekend i had a huge tournament, NY cup. All of our guns worked well this tournament, a huge plus. The first game we weren't ready to play at all. I made an aggressive break out, only to realize my hopper wasnt on. That took me out for a litle while, cause i couldn't tell if i was turning it on or not. So we get raped that game. The NExt game we were late to get on the field, so we saw them set up for thier break out. They sent two people right, and one stayted home. The kid with the 06 speed, and rediculously fast fingers laned hard as he could to the right, taking them both out. I made a move up the tape, shot 20 balls at home, and got him out. We got raped the next 3 games to do us not playing well at all.Then, the last 3 games, we knew we needed to win them to have anychance at all of getting into the finals. The first game we played the team in third place. We had a very conservative break out, knowing we had to have all our players to get maximum points. I laned, and hte kid with the 06 speed laned. Our other teammate went to a small aztec not far away. He and I have known each other forever, and it helped cause we knew exxactly what we wanted each other to do. We did a coordinated bump, and leapfrogged up the whole field, systemactically taking everyone out. The next game, we played the worst team, pretty uneventful. Then we played the Ironkids, the team in first place. We did the same break out, and just kept our guns rolling. I shot through 2 pods and a hopper, just dumping on people's bunkers, while moving up and taking everyone out. We swept that too. When they got the scores posted, along with who got into the finals, we were 7 points away from getting in. We had 421, the next team had 428. That is 1 elimination away from getting in. Horribly disapointing.

Aonother team from ithaca went, The field owner and his friends. They were in a division higher. The field they played on had rocks, and one of the guys screwed up his knee on the rocks, so a kid from the third team from ithaca repalced him. He won a 3 on 1, and a 2 on 1, to get them into the finals, and got them to win the tournament. It was pretty crazy.

All in all, the tournament was fun, we now know what we need to do to win, and how we need to play. My gun ripped the whole time, refs were commenting on how light and fast it was, and 6 people asked me if it was an ego.
Also, I got my angel working. I just pushed the plug past the bad threads, and it holds securly in the good threads. Now i just gotta get it tuned, so i can trade it for a 2k2 timmy, or just get cash out of it, cause i need ALot of money.

Sorry for the long post, and apparent lack of smileys.

Sounds like a good learning experience. Glad to hear you had fun.

I had a basketball camp up in Erie all day Saturday and Sunday I went to Niagra Falls with my girlfriend and her family. It was pretty fun and I actually saw someone I knew..small world, huh?

Still waiting to get a little more cash so I can get some parts ordered. Should be done within the next week or 2.

Well, today I got my brand new 68/5k evil scion tank. I was really surprised because it got to my house in 5 days when last time it took 11 days. Maybe it was just the one order. I was also surprised because the box got a hole in it and the tank's reg (the part above the o-ring got a dent in it. Kinda got me mad. I need to fill it and see if it is affected by it, but i don't want to spend any extra money until I go play. The Empire tank cover also came in. It looks sweet. I will try to get some decent pictures up of it. My mail man is the nicest person. He has seen paintball on tv and when he has delivered me the Ion and the tank he has said that he will be looking for me if I get up that far into the game.

I have a night scenario game on the 22nd. It's about time for me to get that Ion to some good use. I just hope I don't get carried away and shoot too many balls.
You Wont See Me

its 7/11, not 6/11.

I'd know, its my bday Cheers Cheers

Played saturday in 3 acres of woods. Pretty nice field. Had a great time.

Happy BDay YWSM

i played some rec ball on saturday and played a few games of woodsball, it was fun.

Got my gun and all that stuff ready to go play this coming Friday.

I played.

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