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Turkey Bowl!!

So I had a tournament today, the Turkey Bowl. Its the biggest tournaments Headrush holds all year, with 27 gun prizes per division.

I wasn't supposed to play with the team I played for, but that team's third player hurt his hand, and couldn't play so my friend and I filled in. We were supposed to have a good chance of winning, but the refs really screwed us over. We got called on 5 1 4 1's, all but one was complete bs. The first game one of our players was out. He walked off the field, and a ref said that he shot his gun at someone, playing on, when ti was apparent that he didn't. The ref called a 1 4 1, and pulled our last player during a 2 on 2. Then I got called on one. I got shot in the trigger, but didn't feel it, and didn't notice. The ref came over to check me, and called me clean. After he left, I reloaded, and took a few shots, but then the game ended, with us winning. When I went to get checked, there was paint on my gun, and I got called for a 1 4 1 AFTER the game was over. THis should've just been an elimination, causing us to still win the game. Also, it was BS cause the one ref called me clean. THis is pretty much how it progressed. We won another game that was lost to a 1 4 1, and 2 other games it was a 2 on 1, and they called us on bs 1 4 1s. We finally won the last game, with no penalties!!! The refs were being real dicks, and were calling us clean, only to get called on a 1 4 1 after the game...

My timmy shot amazingly. It was really fast, shot 282+/- 2, and we very reliable. My cocker was also shooting really well, but i used the timmy in games.

My team is going up tomorrow to play in the beginner division (our last beginner tournament). Hopefully they do something about the refs
Roll Tide


Did you win anything?

we got free pod racks Neutral

It sucks when refs do stuff like that. Did you talk to management at all about it afterwards?

A pod rack, huh? Now that's a prize! Laughing

today the reffing was MUCH better. The games went well, winning all but one in the prelims, then winning 3, losing 2 in the finals. We took second, and we won the 20th Anniversary Edtion Tippmann 98c's. Gold plated and all that. A big trohpy too. It was fun, everything went well.

What was first place prizes. Good job, sorry to hear about the refs. The 20th anniversary 98 custom prize isn't that bad, too bad it really wouldn't be useful. I wouldn't use mine if I had one.

first place was supposed to be a diablo slayer, but it actually was the gun just like that, only w/o the reg (maybe called the RMP? not sure). The 98c was the best prize easily.

Well, I guess you have to pay the price to move up to bigger prizes. It doesn't seem like the prize was worth the money, but of course I don't know how much money you put down for this tourny.
g36 monkey

Sounds like you had quite the time, sorry he refs were so bad the first day. Ive had em like that before, luckily not in real tourneys.
Hope you enjoy the 98c Cool

I paid 150 for both days. I can prolly get around that for the gun on ebay, so its worth it.

Its funny how many sandbaggers there are. We were playing beginner division, and while I'll admit we probably should've been in a higher division, this one team was sandbagging like crazy. They had this one kid who played d2 xball.

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